Realm – Titus (1996)

Realm was an early forgotten run and gun game for the Super Nintendo blown away by games like Contra III, Super Smash TV, and Super Turrican. The makers of Realm tried their hardest, but in the end there were many major flaws in the game play. This game has great reasons for bad reviews and I am giving it a bad one too.

You play as this blonde haired kid that looks like the average teenage boy hero that was in other titles. He wears a metal suit that protects absolutely nothing, runs funny, and is equipped with lots of weapons that most seem basically useless and don’t do what they are supposed to do.

There aren’t as many weapons in this game as in other run and gun games, but that is okay because run and gun games usually have too many weapons anyway. Most weapons are found in trees and to get them you by touching them. You can have up to two weapons at a time and can switch them at any time. Every time you get a weapon, it will replace the weapon you aren’t using.

Your health is a simple system. You start out with three full shields and every time you get hit, you will loose half of a shield every time you get hit. To regain and gain more shields, you need to get them out of crystals out of the trees. If you find one of these crystals sitting in a tree, you can shoot them. A few blue balls will come out that will restore your shields, and a shield will also come out but is only useful if your current health is already full. If you get one of these when your health is full you will get a full new shield.

The graphics are probably the best part of this game. They are only average for the Super Nintendo though. The character is alright and so is everything else in the game. The walking and running of characters is pretty good, and there are lots of things in the background moving around that make the game a lot better. A bad thing about the graphics is when you run out of health, you start to catch on fire for some reason. Sounds like something straight out of The Simpsons. Not too bad for an old game.

Meh. The sound isn’t that great. The background music is quite plain, and the sound effects aren’t that great either. The guns firing don’t sound that good and they are the highlights.

Game Play
The controls are fairly good except for that when you duck it is basically useless because you don’t duck that much. Most of the guns in your arsenal don’t work very well and only make the game a lot harder. There isn’t much replay value in this game either. The game gets very aggravating soon after you start playing because of the bad weapons and controls.

I think that this could have been a great game, but the makers just didn’t spend the time on it to get the major flaws out of the game play, graphics, and sound.

Reviewed by eolsen

Cheats & Strategy

Cheat Mode:
Hold UP + X + B + R + START at the title screen until the screen fades. You now have unlimited energy. Press START + SELECT during the game to jump to the next level.