A Classic Bitcoin Game

Satoshi Dice operates on an old Nokia cellphone which was deserted in the Tokyo metro. This mobile phone spontaneously started to run an artificial intelligence that feeds from the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto, a sweet girl which is furthermore Bitcoin’s creator. All joking aside, this Bitcoin casino is widely seen as a timeless within the Bitcoin online community. It had been originally designed by the BitcoinTalk community forum user FireDuck in 2012 and then made popular because of the well-known Bitcoin evangelist Erik Voorhees.

Deposits are credited only after a single confirmation and withdrawals are instantaneous with a 0.0001 fee. This may have to be higher since it often is too little for cashouts to get confirmed in the first block after the cashout is made.

The wagering experience is sort of self-explanatory. Gamers pick the probabilities, choose the amount to bet and place the bet. The software is built clearly and is also user-friendly.


Sadly, Satoshi Dice do not let players connecting from the United States. For anyone who is from there, you’re blocked from utilizing the website and therefore would have to link up through an off shore Virtual private network or proxy. But wagering on the block chain game probably will always be accessible to everyone since it is practically impossible to identify from where a Bitcoin transaction is made.

Satoshi Dice should also employ a wagering bot like Prime Dice and other sites do.


Satoshi Dice offer provably fair gambling. A secret string is delivered to the client in a hashed form prior to every bet and they are uncovered instantly subsequently in order for the fairity of the bet may be verified. Players provides a “client roll” prior to each wager, which makes it nearly impossible for the house to cheat.