8-Bit Admiral Console (Portable N.E.S.)

Like the Game Axe the Game Theory Admiral Console is a portable NES but it looks like it is of much better quality. Also like that Game Axe it only plays Famicom games unless you have the adapter but it makes it very bulky since the NES cartridges are so huge.

One thing that is kind of upsetting is that the cool blue one is the PAL version and the pink one is the NTSC version. You might ask “What does PAL and NTSC have to do with a portable system?” Well you can hook these up to your TV and pay it like a regular N.E.S. The cartridges don’t actually go into the system itself, you plug them into an adapter and plug the adapter into the unit.

Why do we in the U.S. always get shat on when it comes to the really cool stuff. I wish we could just go down to the local Best Buy and buy some of this unlicensed stuff. Oh well, on to Ebay again!